Wednesday 08 February 2012

ShelterBox improves health care in Somalia
ShelterBox improves health care in Somalia © Photograph taken by WAHA International

ShelterBox and Women And Health Alliance (WAHA) International have been working together in Somalia setting up medical villages for displaced families at refugee camps, following the massive displacement of families fleeing famine and conflict around the country.

Badbaado Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camp is one of the largest in the African country’s coastal town of Mogadishu. WAHA International has set up a health centre there with a hospitalisation facility using disaster relief tents donated by ShelterBox, providing primary health care consultations and improving maternal health care services.

The ShelterBox tents not only provide a clean sterile area for the medical staff to work in but also allow patients to be hospitalised while staying with their families rather than being separated. Pregnant women also have privacy when having antenatal consultations and giving birth.

Dr Sinan Khaddaj, WAHA International Secretary General said: ‘These relief kits have made a dramatic difference to the well-being of hundreds of Somali families in dire need of assistance in Mogadishu.’

The pharmacy, consultation rooms, delivery room and small hospitalisation unit are all housed in ShelterBox tents.

Half of Somalia’s eight million people are facing acute food shortages and a lack of proper shelter and livelihoods. Some 1.5 million people are classed as IDPs, with more than 400,000 living in and around Mogadishu. ShelterBox and WAHA International have replaced old shelters in camps constructed of tarpaulin and sticks with ShelterBox tents providing shelter, warmth and dignity to thousands of displaced families.

Hear about the latest in the field in Mogadishu from ShelterBox France’s President John Diksa, who has been coordinating ShelterBox’s work with WAHA International:

© Photographs taken by WAHA International
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