Thursday 11 June 2009

New SRT volunteers trained and ready to go
New SRT volunteers trained and ready to go

The new SRT volunteers. Top row (from left to right): Tom Chambers (UK), Tom Newman (UK), Keith Henderson (US), Laura Jepson (UK), Walter Van de Kley (NZ), Tony Zhang (China), Alex Holbrook (UK), Sallie Buck (UK)
Bottom row (from left to right): Sally Hewett (UK), Noel Currie (Canada), Andrea Klaas (US), Mark Butcher (UK), Jennifer Kormendy (Canada), Phil Duloy (UK)

The latest 9-day training ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) training course ended on 7 June with 14 of the 16 candidates reaching the finishing line. Among the successful candidates was Tony Zhang, ShelterBox’s first SRT volunteer from China. The other candidates came from the UK, New Zealand, US and Canada. “There was a great mix of people with a variety of backgrounds and nationalities on the course,” says Pete Sykes, ShelterBox Operations Manager. “I am confident they will all prove to be valuable SRT members in the months and years ahead.”

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